Why taking a LONG vacation is so critical to you and your business?

Lets start with the key questions?

  1. What’s it like for you to go away on vacation, does everything have to be done before you go away?
  2. Is it more stressful going on vacation then when your at work on a normal Wednesday?
  3. What happens when you go away on vacation?   Do you have to work every day just to manage the small fires, the leads and to answer questions?
  4. Can you even take vacations, or are you so integral to the day to day that you need to be involved?

Now lets start to shift gears a bit!

Have you ever thought about taking a vacation, but can’t, couldn’t, or simply just know coming back wouldn’t be worth the time away?

What if I told you that the single best thing you could do for you and your business is to take 3 weeks off without contact to your business!

What would that be like for you?  If you say to yourself, gosh that would be nice but its impossible!  IF you say that, then please reach out as this is likely the single most critical and most important thing you can do for yourself and your business this year.

I’ll tell you why.


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