What is a Solution Focused Consultant?

I like to say that we try to solve for “Better,” and to do this we act as your special investigator.  We work as a team, ask critical questions that are often overlooked by insiders or specialists, and build a framework for accountability and future happiness.  It’s really a mindset, some people search out what’s broken and try to fix the broken.  I want to know what’s working well, look to understand why, make that work even better, and leverage those lessons to help elsewhere.

I’ll work with you and your goals to help you see your blind spots in a way that will be educational and inspiring.   We’ll work together to plan for the inevitable, the challenging, the repetitive and the critical hurdles you may have in front of you today.   We have numerous processes that we can lean on and varying methods to help you through what you may need, and work together to test strategies, build confidence and make progress!  I’ll tailor our process a bit for each client, and are always focusing on the best solution for your goals.

This approach helps us simplify consulting as we strive to leverage your successes, puts you in a position to better understand why those areas are successful, and works within your own skillet, geographical possibilities, employee talent pool, and helps us set attainable goals.


You Won’t Find a Run of the Mill 10 STEP Process Here!

My interest is in helping you achieve your goals, not patting myself on the back to show you how wonderful my process is!   We don’t sell our work based on a process, rather a philosophy and idea that you are the expert and we’re here to fill a role to help you achieve your goals.
Yet, we understand that for some people its nice to know what this means, so I’ve drafted an example process that we may follow for you.  While for some people we may flow through a path similar to the following, for others we may skip a step, add one, or head in a different direction all together.  Every client is an individual, we’ll work together to do whatever it is you need to help you today while planning for tomorrow
An Example Process, I’ll work with you to:
  1. Listen and LEARN to get up to speed on what you need to focus on.
  2. Study what is working well, how did that happen, what steps you took and what’s different about that than what’s not working.
  3. Locate areas of success both past and present.
  4. Identify the roadblocks, hurdles, and anything else that is getting in the way of success.
  5. Identify what the world would look like for you if this challenge didn’t exist.
  6. Identify what’s possible, and what to do if a solution isn’t readily attainable.
  7. Develop a set of attainable goals and practice steps to achieve them.
  8. Celebrate each step as we move forward to your goals.
  9. Identify patterns that may exist, or have existed in the past that may prevent long term success.
  10. Identify methods for accountability.
  11. The goal is success and happiness!
I’m excited to help you find you’re “better” and to implement the needed tools to make this vision a reality.  Please reach out to me by requesting an appointment in the top navigation of this site!